Roy Zuloaga

Director of Client Services

Responsibility: Roy is charged with ensuring each of alPunto’s clients strategic marketing plans are executed flawlessly.

An advertising and marketing professional for nearly 30 years, Roy has overseen marketing and media plans for such diverse clients as McDonald’s, Mexico Tourism, Taco Bell, and American Honda. Currently, Roy applies his proven experience to results driven strategies in an effort to maximize the efficiencies of the client’s plans. In addition to brand positioning, he focuses tactically on driving sales through media and “below the line” promotional activity which reaches the consumer where they buy. Steeped in diversity, Roy has a vast depth of experience executing plans against Hispanic, African American and Asian consumer segments, in addition to marketing programs directed at General Market consumers. Making Roy a truly multi-cultural marketer. Away from the advertising world, Roy can often be found SCUBA diving or on a hike with his two dogs.