alPunto Advertising Develops New Work For the American Heart Association

Tustin, CA, (June 11, 2014) alPunto Advertising continues its long relationship with the American Heart Association by developing new work focused on blood pressure.
The work includes radio and TV and informs Latinos of the importance of keeping track of their blood pressure and of the dangers of high blood pressure, or
hypertension, as it is a prime factor in developing cardiovascular diseases.

Enrique Turégano, VP & Chief Business Strategist explains that “We developed last year a campaign to fight obesity, another risk factor seriously affecting our Latino
community; this year we decided with AHA to focus on the “silent killer”, hypertension, also prevalent among Latinos due to our diet and lack of exercise. As
always, we are honored to work with the American Heart Association and of developing messages that help our community and save lives.”

The effort runs through the end of the year; with the World Cup this summer, the effort hopes Latinos will not only watch sports, but will participate by walking, running
or exercising daily.

Gina Esparza, Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing for the Western States Affiliates of the American Heart Association states that the work is “Truly amazing! We appreciate everyone at alPunto!”