Total Market Strategy… Or Inclusion? [Insight]

There’s been quite a bit of talk about the new total market strategy approach. The approach is not new; as ethnic marketers we have always told our clients that there is ONE brand, not different brands for each consumer segment. We just deliver different benefits based on insights about that brand and our segment consumer. But the essence of the brand remains as one – a total market delivery, executed differently based on target needs.

What is new about “total market” is INCLUSION of ethnic and minority partners in the planning, brainstorming and decision making process.

Years ago as ethnic marketers, we were last to be considered or not considered at all in that process. The “importance” of ethnic marketing always came secondary to general market efforts.

But even this idea of inclusion is not new; working for clients like Chrysler and Burger King, many years ago showed me a fresh, open, and confident side of brand managers and senior managers that pushed to have Hispanic representation sitting at the “big table,” invited all segment marketers – everyone was important, on one more important than another.

That “total market” planning works best for all, especially for our clients. They get the best of their partner agencies and bring new and fresh ideas to the table. We will execute different based on target insights, but the PLANNING process is done under a total market approach.