Latina Mommy Bloggers in Action for LA Phil!

As we keep pushing forward in tapping into new media vehicles and creating or finding new ways of reaching consumers, we see that some work better than others. That’s normal.

For our Los Angeles Philharmonic client we have been leveraging what we call “Latina Mommy Bloggers” for the last year with great success. Although the number of Latina bloggers has been climbing steadily, it really skyrocketed in the last 12 months (according to LATISM).

Who are these mommy bloggers?

  •  85.6% of them are moms that have from 2-4 children
  • Parenting is the most popular topic, followed by Latino issues and heritage/culture
  • 46.5% have incomes $80,000-$89,000
  • Bloggers love to link to each other
  • 43% manage more than one blog
  • Average age is 31
  • Latina bloggers are very active…57% place two or more blogs per week
  • Latina bloggers are the fastest growing segment in the blogosphere!
  • 76.2% read blogs on their phone
  • 37% say that their blog is mostly about being Latina


These “blogueras” are outspoken, young and extremely web-savvy.

Why do they matter?

Because they are today’s influencers. They spread word-of-mouth in today’s environment and with today’s technology. These Latina Mommy Bloggers blog in Spanish and in English equally and are very active social media users (Facebook, Twitter).

So how are we using them?

Some of the most blogged topics revolve around “things to do with your family”. That’s where we come in – we need to tell Latinos that attending an LA Phil event, something few of them were considering, is a great idea and a great outing for couples or families.

The process to success can take time though. We first researched hundreds of these “mommy bloggers” to find out which were the most appropriate for LA Phil. After narrowing it down to less than 50 our media team led by Jorge Arguello pinpointed the 20 most appropriate (in terms of size, people reached, blogging frequency, topics, location and affinity to the arts).

Once these top blogueras were identified we have reached out to them with information that they consider of use to their followers.The effort has been successful in terms of the articles written and the positive personal spin attached to LA Phil events and LA Phil news. We approach them on a monthly basis and end up with 10-15 blogs per month about our client.

A great innovative way of spreading positive word of mouth and maximizing personal endorsements from influencers.