alPuntoʼs deep understanding of the consumer and of the entertainment/communication services helped Time Warner Cable “hook” consumers by leading with their International-One-Price, then presenting the benefits of a TWC video-phone-internet package. *NOT A CURRENT CLIENT*

Services:Digital, OOH, Grassroots, Print
Challenge:To introduce new Hispanic focused services achieving a response rate of 2.0% for direct mail efforts and a cost per call (CPC) of under $45 for broadcast DR efforts.
Solution:We took over high traffic venues, like malls and train stations and utilized OOH materials. We branded the TWC packages as “Paquetazo” and “Telefonazo” (video package and telephone package) the azo” suffix in Spanish denotes “huge”- which created a product identity - catchy and relevant that equaled immediate recall and was visually engaging. Modular production approach offered TWC the flexibility to construct new commercials or edits from existing versions according to market demands in a cost efficient manner and with fast turnaround. This helped addressed multiple targets and multiple services through the use visual aides representative of products and simple, informative dialogue, developed a believable story vs. other infomercials/DRTV advertising which ʻpushesʼ the audience instead of ʻpulling’ and developed a continuity of graphic style and dialogue throughout entire campaign and at all touch-points to further reinforce the brand message
Results:The campaign achieved its objectives and out-performed the General Market. Overall, Total “Connects” improved to an all time high and exceeded forecast for all advertised products, digital Phone sales in April (launch period) were the highest ever, combined sales for all products was above forecast by +2%, call volume was above forecast by +22%, consistently beat CPC goal of $45, with certain weeks as low as $35, by generating an increased number of calls.