alPunto shows that the OC Fair has more bang for your buck and Hispanic families can share in all types of entertainment.

Services:TV, Radio, Print, Guerilla Marketing
Challenge:To reach out to the Hispanic market to generate an immediate impact, resulting in increased attendance. To increase Hispanic attendance at an annual three-week event, in a market with multiple options and high spending levels. Goal is to increase Hispanic attendance by 5% the first year and 5% the second year.
Solution:Enhance Hispanic-relevant entertainment at the Fair with Value: Free shows: Tele Estrellas, Julio Sabala, LATV’s “Mex to the Max”. Have live taping of Local community shows (professional mariachis, mariachi kids, singers). Offer more culturally relevant performances at Pacific Amphitheatre (Julio Iglesias, Maldita Vecindad, Aterciopelados, Inspector). Communicate the relevance of the Fair to the Hispanic market.
Results:Exceeded goals by 5% for a total of 30% Hispanic attendance. Julio Iglesias and Maldita V./Aterciopelados/Inspector shows were sold out. Free entertainment arenas (Tele Estrellas, Julio Sabala) were well attended, and brought in more people than many similar venues in English. The OC Fair credited this with a new public, never having attended. Fair attendance exceeded 1 million for first time crediting the Hispanic effort as an important contribution.