alPunto Advertising is proud to have delivered our client with results that have consistently exceeded their goals and expectations for going on six years now. With a message to consumers who find insurance to complicated or overwhelming- “IEHP is the provider that makes healthcare easier.”

Industry:Insurance, Healthcare
Services:Print, OOH, TV, Radio, Community Outreach
Challenge:To decrease the number defaulters (close to 30% of all enrollees defaulted on making the choice of an HMO), and then ensure that the choice was IEHP among all who choose- both English and Spanish speaking.
Solution:Our creative concept revolved around using an animated format and single-minded messaging, we were able to instill IEHP with a distinctive look and personality while delivering simple, relevant messages which made the benefits of having IEHP real and tangible.
Brand television and radio commercials helped clarify the benefits of IEHP in the target’s overall healthcare, and the importance of selecting the right HMO. DRTV and radio commercials, created in English and Spanish, presented the distinctive features the IEHP plan offers to motivate the target to call in and enroll, and also triggered members of other plans to switch to IEHP.
An outdoor campaign complemented the branding campaign; just as solo direct mail pieces and FSIʼs reinforced the call to action. A separate effort included the development and production of kid-targeted comic books and videos with IEHP Super Heroes dealing with health aspects such as smoking, eating healthy and safe bike riding. Local community events supplemented this program.
Results:The successful campaign resulted in more Medi-Cal enrollees selecting an HMO, with the percentage of people de- faulting, or not selecting an HMO, being reduced to 23%, surpassing the goal of 25%. IEHP became the preferred healthcare provider of the region. Of the prospects enrolled in Medi-Cal who chose a plan, 80% selected IEHP as their provider, exceeding the goal of 77%. Of those Hispanics newly enrolled in Medi-Cal, more chose IEHP as their plan, with market share growing to 74%.