For mid-scale hotel category leader Holiday Inn, alPunto Advertising turned what an upscale brand of hotels catering to international and business travelers in Latin America seem welcoming and affordable to the U.S. Hispanic family traveler.

Services:Print, OOH, Radio, Digital
Challenge:To convince Hispanic travelers that Holiday Inn is a comfortable, welcoming, relaxing hotel that allows you to get the most out of our family vacation- not just for upscale business and international travelers.
Solution:Created TV spot, radio spot with supers, etc.
Results:Total brand awareness, from the beginning in 2002 until the last tracking study, in August 2005, is now up to 92% (from 18%). Perception of the value has increased by 30%. This was aided by an emphasis on what matters most to Hispanics when on vacation: 1) pools at every location and 2) kids eat free. Both of these attributes increased significantly. Knowledge of pools at every location increased from 33% to 89%. Knowledge of kids eat free increased from 27% to 81%. Other important areas are: Good for families with kids to stay increased from 42% to 99%, place where you can relax increased from 37% to 99%, good to stay for one or two nights increased from 40% to 99%, good to stay for long vacations increased from 34% to 91%, and would recommend to others increased from 39% to 98%.