"alPunto’s deep understanding of our Hispanic consumer and strategic leadership helps us develop useful insights and breakthrough communications." - Craig Ziemkiewicz, Senior Brand Manager

"Without alPunto’s strategic leadership and production values, we wouldn’t have had the same degree of success that we’re seeing with our Hispanic consumers." - VJ Chengappa, Marketing Manager

In 2008, Knudsen reacted to Daisy’s Hispanic program by developing new creative, which included a “Made in California” milk product. As a result, the Daisy brand decided to refine and expand the Hispanic program with alPunto.


Services:Radio, TV, Print, Digital
Challenge:To take a brand well known in the General Market and reposition it so that it became relevant to the Hispanic market.
Solution:To position Daisy Sour Cream as a cream so versatile that it can be easily adapted to any food dishes. It’s “the way cream should be”- the way it was growing up in any Hispanic home. The creative approach was to create the emotion of nostalgia using a mother-daughter relationship. The media approach was very visual- using OOH. Use of local media celebrities as brand endorses helped maximize product placement opportunities.
Results:Within the first year of launching the Hispanic campaign, Daisy Sour Cream’s 2008 volume share in the Los Angeles DMA rose 3.1 points compared to 2007 (19.8% increase) and San Diego DMA rose 2.8 points compared to 2007 (11.3% increase).