"Truly amazing! Thank you, Enrique…we appreciate you and the team at alPunto!” -Gina Esparza, AHA

The American Heart Association tapped alPunto Advertising to develop and launch the first ever Latino Stroke Awareness Program, as it is the third leading cause of death and one of the leading causes of adult, long-term disability in the United States, with Hispanics at a higher rate of risk.

Services:Grassroots, Print, PR, Digital, OOH, Community Outreach
Challenge:To educate and inform Latinos who do not know what a stroke is or what to do in case of a stroke emergency.
Solution:A grassroots-focused effort and a radio campaign for broad awareness. Created a bilingual actionable kit for AHA Ambassadors. During National Stroke Awareness Month, AHA partnered with local retailers and provided information to the retailer’s customers about the disease. AHA volunteers were available to discuss stroke-warning signs, explained what to do in case of stroke and passed on healthy living tips. A fundraiser effort was executed at checkout by providing AHA premiums for donations.
Results:Campaign generated over $16,000 in free media (radio PSAs) and extended the community outreach to over 80,000 Hispanics. Over 55,000 premiums were distributed through the retail partnership and helped AHA raise over $15,000 in donations. Interviews for AHA staff were secured on Hispanic TV and doubled the recruitment goal of new Ambassadors (2,000 goal – over 4,000 recruited).