alPunto Advertising targeted the Hispanic leisure traveler and guided our targeting of this market with, “Holiday Inn Express is the hotel that leaves you refreshed and able to enjoy your trip.” With this positioning, we were able to strengthen the relevance for Holiday Inn Express: shorter, more spontaneous trips of 2-3 days versus longer vacations at Holiday Inn, and focus on the attributes most relevant to Hispanic families and leisure travelers – good sleep, good food for free and the freedom to get on with enjoying the getaway

Services:TV, Digital
Challenge:To develop the hotel category in the Hispanic market, as some have little awareness of what differentiates the many hotel choices. To evoke a more positive impression, as some Hispanics view the term “Express” with implications of uncomfortable rooms, almost non-existent service and being rushed.
Solution:Led with a series of 15-second television commercials, since this was the most cost-effective media to target the Hispanic traveler and also allowed us to focus on the spacious rooms, comfortable beds and free breakfast bar. Established an annual Attitude and Usage tracking study and worked closely with the clientʼs in-house web marketing team to revamp then track visits and reservations on the Holiday Inn Express Spanish-language reservations web site – HIExpress.com/espanol. This allowed us to evaluate short-term and long-term performance and recommend new strategies and tactics that will further increase business for Holiday Inn Express.
Results:Within one year of launching the new campaign, Holiday Inn Express became one of the most recognized hotel brands amongst Hispanics. The brand moved from the bottom tier pre-advertising, to number one or within the top three brands known and used in the advertised markets. In 2007, research showed that poor perceptions of the “Express” name had been overcome and that Holiday Inn Express is seen as a refreshing and convenient place to stay, particularly for shorter trips. Nowhere was the success of the campaign more tangible than in the increase in reservations. In 2007, year-on-year bookings and revenues through the Holiday Inn Spanish-language web site in- creased by 72% and 73%, respectively.